PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve is an evolving vision of Andrew W. Sabbagha that started in January 1986 when he purchased the first tract of raw land…only trees, vegetation and some animal life existed.  He is truly an artist... his mind is the palette...the property is his canvas.  His imagination and ability to create is amazing!  He has spent energy and time often to the detriment of his health to create this wonderland!  During his childhood, he watched as his father built ponds and learned how to avoid mistakes in construction.  In his life, he has had over 40 years experience in the construction and general contracting.  In 23 years, his company, Southern Design and Construction Consultants, Inc., built over 400 church projects in 6 states. While he was operating his church building company, he was constructing Powderkegg during his off hours.  On PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve during the last thirty years, he has built  three ponds with dams that range from 20 to 26 feet deep with excellent fish habitat.  The ponds offer over 600 feet of docks for fishing and wildlife viewing.  The acres of wood stick-ups and fish habitat plus many supplemental fish feeders provide a great population of fish.  Andrew has also built road systems throughout the hundreds of acres, a Residence Lodge, fish camp, out buildings, deer stands & condo deer stands, 8 stall stable, jumping arena, dressage arena & pasture fencing, gazebo and arched bridge.  In the first ten years, he created an environment to attract the local whitetail deer. After that point in time, he spent much money in fencing materials alone to build the high fencing that surrounds the entire Preserve (which is now grandfathered under SC Law...no more high fence preserves may be built in SC.  This makes PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve even more special!).  This fence allows the preserve to be maintained in the manner it is managed today.  The results of Quality Deer Management are mature trophy whitetail deer native to South Carolina and  an abundance of wildlife. Since Andrew closed his church building business in 2006, PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve LLC has become a retirement income.  2005 was the first commercial year for Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting at PowderKegg and it continued until 2014.  He is now growing his herd.  2007 was the first commercial year for Trophy Fishing at PowderKegg.  Fishing is managed to promote great fishing year after year.  This offers a great opportunity for Family Fun or Fisherman's Paradise.  Trophy Fishing continues to be the main event at Powderkegg.  Check out current reports.  Andrew designed & built the Gazebo and Bridge on the island in front of the Lodge in 2008.  That section has been a wonderful venue for Weddings.  

PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve is the home of Andrew & his wife, Jeanie.

History of PowderKegg